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Women Need Not Apply

Breaking news from the Vatican, it will continue its ancient and misogynistic policy of not needing women. Who can argue with that I mean we all know that Mary Magdalene was a whore wasn’t she? Yep boys only for the catholic club, 2,000 years of exclusion and persecution. I don’t really care what religions decide to do or how they organize themselves, what really bothers me is how they speak of tolerance, forgiveness, and inclusion but then act in an opposite matter. This might explain declining church attendance.

Your actions speak so loudly I cannot hear what you preach!

I am aware there are good works that the church is a part of, however I am not aware of any good works that also do not include proselytizing.


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Like to watch people fight?

Why do we enjoy watching people fight? It happens all the time and it can happen anywhere two people most often males will get in to a fight, there is also something else that is sure to happen and that is people will stand around and watch it. This is true of boxing, MMA as much as any street fight or bar brawl. There are those involved in the fight and those who stand around just to watch it all happen, so what is it in us that find this appealing? I don’t have the answer I just know even I enjoy it.

Tonight as I have done many times before I will attend an amateur boxing exhibition in NY, these are often held in a large church basement or on a dock and they are licensed and sanctioned amateur boxing events. I find them to be a lot of fun anyone can check them out.

I often attend these events and a live event of any kind has an appeal to the camaraderie and community of being together with people to enjoy a common experience. This is true of almost any event attended by people from religious services to any sporting events. But we don’t go just for those reason although those reasons are an appealing part, we go to watch the “show” and in this case the show is two men or women of similar size and stature punching each other until one is either knocked out(unable to defend themselves) or submits. What is so appealing about this, I don’t know, I do know I enjoy watching it. It’s almost a surreal experience to know you like some like this and to not understand why you like something like this… is it psychological, it something seeded in our evolutionary past, is this how our primate ancestors use to court females?

I guess I could do research and actually look in to this, but then I wonder why should I over analyze this, isn’t enough to like something with out understanding why I like something? It’s not 100% universal not everyone likes to watch people fighting it could all just be preference. I guess this could be said of any sport for me at this point I like baseball too, with out a reason as to why I like the game on a fundamental psychological or evolutionary level, I can give all the game theory reasons and fairness reasons I like the baseball. I think the disconnect with fighting/boxing is I see the violence in the sport as something I would deplore in my personal life as opposed to baseball which I would happily play. I have been in fights I have punched and been punched in my face and none of it is a pleasurable experience, nor something I would choose to seek out, however watching it is.

I think now I maybe be even more confused than I was when I started, but I do know I will be at the fights tonight more than likely I will be enjoying myself and I will not be alone cue the Rocky the music.

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NY Govenor does the right thing

NYS Governor David Patterson has directed all state agencies to recognize same sex marriage for those couples that were married where same sex marriage is permitted. All those objectors many if not all are religiously motivated are now coming out and lamenting the death of the traditional family, as if their view of how things can be is the only way it could or should be. It is just utter nonsense that is espoused by these people. I also find it extremely hypocritical in that how many of these people are truly living by the laws in Leviticus?

These un-named religious masses that I decry here are the same folks who whine that courts shouldn’t decide things the people should except when the people’s will is not inline with their religiously motivated views then they will go to the courts to make a case as to why this should or should not be allowed . Just for example the Oregon euthanasia law that was voter approved then matter was brought by for the court and applauded by those who had religious motivation.

The Governor of NY has done the right thing here and I applaud his actions. I just hope those blinded by religious dogma will learn tolerance enough to understand that we must love all equally and if they do believe in their God(s) allow that God(s) be the judge of actions and intents and all peoples should concern themselves only with the love and respect for their fellow man and the pursuit of freedom and happiness in whatever form it may come in.

I would further support the Governor in allowing same sex marriage throughout the state, as I understand this has already been settled in court as far as the current law reads same sex marriage is not permitted in NYS. The state assembly has approved a bill that would allow for same sex marriage but the NY state senate has failed to take up the measure. I am not surprised I would be surprised if the reason they did not take up the bill was for anything other than some silly religious reason.

Also understand I am not asking these people shut up or not express their opinions I just happen to consider their opinion on these matters wrong and not supported by evidence outside of some ancient text that is demonstrably fallible. They are absolutely right to express their opinions on any matter and it is just as right to criticize them for it.

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Sharon Stone is a Boob

Top news on yahoo this morning Sharon Stone thinks that Karma might be the reason China recently suffered a massive earthquake that has killed tens of thousands of people, the last figures I saw had the death count over 50,000 and it could still be much higher… and here is what Miss Stone had to say “And then this earthquake and all this stuff happened, and then I thought, is that karma? When you’re not nice that the bad things happen to you?” why not just say God did it, was Karma or god punishing New Orleans with Katrina? What utter nonsense is this? This was not and I repeat not a supernatural disaster, it was a natural disaster.
I am trying to wrap my mind around this warped logic and magical thinking… let me take a stab at it. The Chinese government will not allow the Tibetan people independence/freedom and so Karma to balance out the universe unleashes a massive earthquake against innocent Chinese citizens? If I was the Chinese people I would be pissed off and again to make another Katrina reference I was pissed off at the holier than thou preachers who blamed Katrina on the sinful ways of New Orleans. This is all nonsense, and perpetuating such false ideas is not only irresponsible but reprehensible. There has been a disaster and people need help, they did nothing to ask for this and to make this some how political is truly despicable on her part. If it was just an off the cuff comment (which I doubt) she needs to think before she speaks.

Just to note this is not about the Tibetan people and their struggle against the Chinese government for independence and freedom. This is about the fact that natural disasters can happen anywhere and at any time and to blame it on Karma, God, Satan, or anything other than awful things happen is just foolishness.

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Enviormentally Friendly Bombs, huh what?!

The Germans are developing environmentally safer bombs ok this is crazy on more than one level. Environmentallysafer bombs ok I get it bombs are made from toxic chemicals so lets see if we can make them from less environmentally toxic chemicals however bombs/explosives in of themselves are bad for the environment making them out of “safer” materials makes them only marginally better for the environment.

the other troubling thing here is the German’s are making safer bombs I dunno the last time the Germans were on the cutting edge of military technology they had pretty nasty battleships, rockets, and a better than average under standing of atomic theory… now they can do all this and not harm the environment as much.

Not to jump of the paranoia deep end but cannonball!!!!

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Amazing Frozen Waves

     Wow so this looks really amazing, according to the website what happens here is the water below the surface crashes through and forms a wave but the air temperature is so cold if freezes the wave thus creating frozen waves you can check the link for some really cool pics of this phenomenon.

However this does leave me some questions, like how cold is it in antartica to freeze water in mid air? This does seem a bit improbably but I am sure it is pretty cold in antartica… hmm I dunno I will have to look in to this a little bit more… ok I am back and it kind of bogus… the pictures are certainly real but it not really a frozen wave snopes has all the details. However this is still really cool and it a result of melting not freezing.

Who knew global warming would create such beauty.

Note: I have no idea if this is anyway related to global warming


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Memorial Day in Numbers

      Today is Memorial day in the United States and I thought it might interesting to look at the amount of people we are asked to remember today. Memorial day is an observance designed to honor those who died while fighting on the American side in a conflict and to whom we do owe a debt of gratitude for their service. Even if we as individual citizens disagree with what certain wars or missions. What we should remember is the ultimate sacrifice these people have made with their lives. Since our nations founding in war many people have made this sacrifice and this sacrifice still goes on today.

Below is tally of our War dead we remember today

Revolutionary War – 4,435
War of 1812 – 2,206
Indian Wars – 1,000
Mexican War – 13,283
Civil War Union – 364,511
Civil War Confederate – 133,821
Civil War Total – 498,332
Spanish American War – 2,446
World War 1 – 116,516
World War 2 – 405,399
Korean War – 54,246
Vietnam War – 90,209
Dessert Shield/Dessert Storm – 1,972
Iraq War – 4,563 and counting

Total Fallen 1,194,661 who we remember today. These figures were taken from the VA with the exception of the Iraq war figures which are from the Washington Post ; These are also only those service men and women who died in major American wars and not counting those who perished in smaller conflicts and US operations for an entire run down on the US military casualties wikiepedia does a nice job of giving an overview.

     How do we honor those who have sacrificed their lives, we must look at what they sacrificed their lives for… well they sacrificed their lives for the United States of American which to me is a set of ideals, it was a new idea in self government and an experiment in freedom so to any one who wants to honor the fallen soliders their fallen country men today, honor them by reading the US Consititution Weare the people the goverment is of,by, and for.

Thank you to all those who have served and continue to serve

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Be honest, don’t suffer in silence

Last night my love and I went out for a late night bite at a local burger joint… it was an attempt to be spontaneousand just get out of the apartment for a little while. We happily head out of the apartment and walk over the burger joint, it a fun place not crowded only a few tables occupied in a narrow room. Now as we went out my Girlfriend mentioned not feeling well as a sudden feeling that kind of swept over her as we we stepped outside, we continued on to the restaurant as she thought it likely the feeling would pass.

      We arrive at the restaurant and apparently the feeling had not passed and in some degree got worse, we ordered drinks and food and all the time the ill feeling gets worse, but I am not really aware of it as my wonderful girl friend is being far too brave, she doesn’t feel well and is afraid to tell me because it will ruin the nite, or at least the meal… and a couple of truth may become apparent here one she wishes we did things of this nature more often as she desperately doesn’t want this to be a negative experience so much so she will to really suffer in silence. Here is where I need to explain something about me. I am not afraid to say I want to leave a place, don’t like the look of the bar good lets go, bad cab ride, not feeling, looks like rain whatever if I want to go I am pretty sure I will communicate this loudly and clearly. The priority for my girl friend was different she was trying to preserve to the good time fun, but what were we preserving? She didn’t feel well and the whole illusion came crashing down when now your food is here but your too sick to eat… this leave the awkward situation where I put all this together in my head and realize we should have turned around and gone home long ago… either I sit and eat my meal while she suffers or we just go home. Going home when not felling well is perfectly acceptable and in my view alot more acceptable then me eating a cheeseburger & fries while she would sit in silence and suffer.

    This is never what I want, I want to disagree, I want to converse, I want to be told when I am being irrational. I never want her to suffer in silence I want her to feel free to communicate what she needs of me and from me, trust me if I disagree I will say it, I fear I might be shouting her down I hope not. I think it is highly more likely she was self sacrificing for the illusion of the good night out. In the end it is was a good night out but not because of where dinner was or what we had but because we were able to talk about this and these are real conversations of a relationship. Help us to be candid honest and closer together.

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The Real World recomendation

I sit and in the back ground the Real World plays… this is has to be a kin to having dental surgery. It just painful and hard not to watch… I guess you wouldn’t watch dental surgery, but you will watch former adolescents engage in hormonal conflicts fueled by rock-fuel booze.  Well as interesting as this as this show isn’t it does do something it elicits a reaction from me which is mostly contempt. The worse part is the contempt which is potent is for these people as they are portrayed on the show… it is such a narrow glimpse in to who these people really are… however the show elicits a response.

Here is my recommendation for the real world make the show a hybrid with survivor man, drop these 7 strangers in the middle of the forest the actual real (natural) world and the survivor then gets to win a stuffed bear or some nonsense… they are on TV it what they wanted in the first place!

Gotta go commercial are over


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This is pretty much going to be a bit of a hodgepoge mess till I figure somethings out

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