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The Real World recomendation

I sit and in the back ground the Real World plays… this is has to be a kin to having dental surgery. It just painful and hard not to watch… I guess you wouldn’t watch dental surgery, but you will watch former adolescents engage in hormonal conflicts fueled by rock-fuel booze.  Well as interesting as this as this show isn’t it does do something it elicits a reaction from me which is mostly contempt. The worse part is the contempt which is potent is for these people as they are portrayed on the show… it is such a narrow glimpse in to who these people really are… however the show elicits a response.

Here is my recommendation for the real world make the show a hybrid with survivor man, drop these 7 strangers in the middle of the forest the actual real (natural) world and the survivor then gets to win a stuffed bear or some nonsense… they are on TV it what they wanted in the first place!

Gotta go commercial are over



May 25, 2008 - Posted by | TV

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