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Memorial Day in Numbers

      Today is Memorial day in the United States and I thought it might interesting to look at the amount of people we are asked to remember today. Memorial day is an observance designed to honor those who died while fighting on the American side in a conflict and to whom we do owe a debt of gratitude for their service. Even if we as individual citizens disagree with what certain wars or missions. What we should remember is the ultimate sacrifice these people have made with their lives. Since our nations founding in war many people have made this sacrifice and this sacrifice still goes on today.

Below is tally of our War dead we remember today

Revolutionary War – 4,435
War of 1812 – 2,206
Indian Wars – 1,000
Mexican War – 13,283
Civil War Union – 364,511
Civil War Confederate – 133,821
Civil War Total – 498,332
Spanish American War – 2,446
World War 1 – 116,516
World War 2 – 405,399
Korean War – 54,246
Vietnam War – 90,209
Dessert Shield/Dessert Storm – 1,972
Iraq War – 4,563 and counting

Total Fallen 1,194,661 who we remember today. These figures were taken from the VA with the exception of the Iraq war figures which are from the Washington Post ; These are also only those service men and women who died in major American wars and not counting those who perished in smaller conflicts and US operations for an entire run down on the US military casualties wikiepedia does a nice job of giving an overview.

     How do we honor those who have sacrificed their lives, we must look at what they sacrificed their lives for… well they sacrificed their lives for the United States of American which to me is a set of ideals, it was a new idea in self government and an experiment in freedom so to any one who wants to honor the fallen soliders their fallen country men today, honor them by reading the US Consititution Weare the people the goverment is of,by, and for.

Thank you to all those who have served and continue to serve


May 26, 2008 - Posted by | Freedom, History, United States

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