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NY Govenor does the right thing

NYS Governor David Patterson has directed all state agencies to recognize same sex marriage for those couples that were married where same sex marriage is permitted. All those objectors many if not all are religiously motivated are now coming out and lamenting the death of the traditional family, as if their view of how things can be is the only way it could or should be. It is just utter nonsense that is espoused by these people. I also find it extremely hypocritical in that how many of these people are truly living by the laws in Leviticus?

These un-named religious masses that I decry here are the same folks who whine that courts shouldn’t decide things the people should except when the people’s will is not inline with their religiously motivated views then they will go to the courts to make a case as to why this should or should not be allowed . Just for example the Oregon euthanasia law that was voter approved then matter was brought by for the court and applauded by those who had religious motivation.

The Governor of NY has done the right thing here and I applaud his actions. I just hope those blinded by religious dogma will learn tolerance enough to understand that we must love all equally and if they do believe in their God(s) allow that God(s) be the judge of actions and intents and all peoples should concern themselves only with the love and respect for their fellow man and the pursuit of freedom and happiness in whatever form it may come in.

I would further support the Governor in allowing same sex marriage throughout the state, as I understand this has already been settled in court as far as the current law reads same sex marriage is not permitted in NYS. The state assembly has approved a bill that would allow for same sex marriage but the NY state senate has failed to take up the measure. I am not surprised I would be surprised if the reason they did not take up the bill was for anything other than some silly religious reason.

Also understand I am not asking these people shut up or not express their opinions I just happen to consider their opinion on these matters wrong and not supported by evidence outside of some ancient text that is demonstrably fallible. They are absolutely right to express their opinions on any matter and it is just as right to criticize them for it.


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