The Sun's Shadow

Stumbling to find a light switch in the dark

Oppressive Heat

I cannot imagine even living 80 years ago before air conditioning was the norm, currently we don’t have one in my apartment it is due to be delivered so we are living with out and it is not a pleasurable experience. It’s hot and it’s oppressive. I feel worst of all for our two cats who just have to be tortured by the heat. All any of us cats included can do is stay on the floor and try to move around as little as possible and just hope the A/C unit shows up soon and we can get back too cooling down the apartment. I can only guess that since people living 80+ years ago did not know what they were missing without having the A/C the heat was just something to be put up with. It seems one of those modern conveniences that certainly changed how we view the summer and our ability or lack thereof to cope with the heat, so to Mr. Willis Haviland Carrier thank you for your home weather making invention I hope you are in a very cool place 🙂


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