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My Little Predators

     I have two cats and like most pet owners I enjoy them for their company and petting them is extremely relaxing. However one of the other great aspects of owning a dog or a cat is deep down they are still predators and I love to watch that instinct come out in them.

      The other night my girlfriend and I are sitting around our apartment watching TV, when she suddenly notices our female cat acting strange… and then my girlfriend sees it a big old NYC cockroach and the cat is tracking it. She freaks, I freak and the cat is still tracking it… it doesn’t care that its a bug it got that hunters look in her eyes… the roach quickly scrambles under the sofa and gone… the female cat has lost the trail, but now with the bug under the sofa we can not sit comfortably wanting not to be startled by the sudden reappearance of the roach.

      We move the sofa and try to cause a little commotion in an attempt to draw out the roach… it didn’t work but it got our male cat curious enough to get up and see why we are making a fuss and then he sees it crawling under the sofa… and with a look of determination he has now joined the hunt. The female then returns and the two of them create a perimeter around the sofa… this roach is now on a death clock the cats are locked in and seem to be enjoying this rarely used aspect of their lives… hunting… the male cat patiently stalks the bug flushes it out from under the sofa chases it under a chair and ultimately in to a corner under a table… he’s got it!

      Unfortunately for the cat this where we as owners come back in to finish the job… after all its a NYC roach filthy and disgusting and I don’t want the cat to begin toying with it and I certainly do not want either of them to eat it… We finish off the roach and the cats get treats for being good little predators.

     When you read about the history of cats and dogs and how they became our companions one of the top reasons universally given is pest control and still to this day its a service my cats are happy to perform.


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