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Starbucks is Ruining 90’s Pop Culter

I was never a huge fan of Starbucks coffee, but now they have gone too far… they are ruining 90’s Pop Culture. How are they doing this? By closing 600 stores in the next year. This just does not conform to the idea of Starbucks being this behemoth monster of a company bent on expansion like Germany in the 1930’s. This is the company that never needed to do conventional advertising to drive customers and growth.

The classic example is from the Simpson’s, where Bart enters a mall to get his ear pierced and is told to hurry up as the store is slated to become a Starbucks, cut to Bart ear pierced exiting with a Starbucks coffee and in the background the entire mall has been turned in to all Starbucks.

Then Starbucks was unstoppable and they were popping up all over…I guess the times are pretty rough when Starbucks over estimated its growth and has now gone in to contraction mode. Is this to be part of 00’s Pop culture? Well, Starbucks that does not fit with in my American delusion so get off your bottom and let’s get building and maybe you have to throw a few ad bucks around, but stop ruining my teenage pop culture.

What’s next are we going to find out the USA is not the happiest nation in the world?


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  1. This idea of ruining your teen age pop culture because of companies down sizing is completely retarted and dumb. You obviously are self centered have no clue about business and don’t except change.
    Seriously stop worrying about your precious teen age past and start thinking how North America can get out of this financial deficit that the American mentality has put them selfs in the last 60 years.
    Have a nice day.

    Comment by Kirk Lightning | August 8, 2009 | Reply

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