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What Do You Mean We’re Not #1

Denmark is the happiest country in the world according to a study from the University of Michigan. What?! How is that possible, everyday I am sold a bill of goods on the United States; its the best, it’s the tops, it’s # 1… we kick ass and take names… but then comes a poll that asks people how happy they are and we don’t even crack the top 10? The good ole USA is number 16 on the list… how does Puerto Rico rate higher on this list, why is it even on the list… it part of the USA.

This should be a top campaign issue for both candidates what are they going to do bring the USA back to leading the world in happiness? Where are the press conferences and the plans being laid out? There is something interesting to note

“There is also a correlation between democracy and peace. Democracies are less likely to fight each other than non-democracies.”

Almost all the countries at the bottom of the list struggle with legacies of authoritarian rule and widespread poverty

Well considering many people to this day claim President Bush stole the election and we are engaged in two wars it easy to now see why we slipped in this rankings. We need to return to peace and restore our faith in democracy. Part of the problem is Americans feel cheated if things don’t go their way… we had it too good for too long to many things going our way… oh wait no we didn’t… but we have had periods of peace and economic prosperity.

There is good news a silver lining in the study, overall people are getting happier and that’s really good for all people the trend is toward greater happiness for more people. Growth can be a painful process but we need to continue to advance our ideals and help all people by working toward peace and understanding.



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