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Monopoly 2 people 3 players

Over the weekend my girlfriend and I were looking for something to do to pass the time and I said what about playing a board game… board games can be fun but sometimes when there are only two people playing the game they can be more like a bored game.

I had a novel idea (I think it was novel) in playing monopoly with three players.

  1. ME
  2. The Girlfriend
  3. US we played as a team against ourselves.

The idea was simple enough in each instance we always had to play to win from whatever position we were in so on my turn I would work for what was in the best interest for me playing in the game alone. Then on the US turn we would do the same thing make moves that were in the best interest for the two of us to win the game as a team.

We started playing and at first is was fun which is often how monopoly starts but rarely how it ends. The first thing we discovered is how she and I approach the game very differently. She plays a more care free lets have fun game, were as I play a more ruthless how can I win type of game… so when we worked together as a cooperative team we were both able to get insight in to how the other pursues the objectives of the game. The game progressed to the point where you get in all monopoly games, you need to start making deals with other players in order to get monopolies and develop your properties.

That’s when this grand experiment came crashing down… now that she had insight in to my playing style. We were looking at the game from the position of us playing as a team. We were discussing property trades… here is where the game fell apart; I felt the better move as far as a property trade was to me as a single player in the situation it gave me as a single player no monopoly and team US got a monopoly (green properties),  any trade to my girlfriend as a single player would result in a Monopoly for both team US and her… Strategically I thought the trade should be to me. The benefit of team US getting a monopoly without have to also allow monopoly to another player. She had see my style of thought here and got very suspicious that she was being set up… it doesn’t help that I am smirking this whole time. Well we as a team make an offer to me as an individual player, so I switch my seat back to the solo player location… at which point I reject the deal and offer a counter proposal… and that was that… the game essentially ended… she thought that I was manipulating the game against her. Which is not really correct what I was doing is making what I considered to be the best move from whichever position I was in. We made an offer that we thought was the best offer to be made and then I as the solo player rejected it… and countered… which lead to what the hell you knew blah blah blah… the reason for the blah is it breaks down as any typical monopoly meltdown you have seen

This was a really interesting and fun exercise and gave us insight to how each other thinks and approaches situations. there were no real hard feelings I explained to her what my intentions were, but in the end this game of monopoly ended like so many others incomplete amid rumours of scandal.


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