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Hole in the Wall

Well I have done it after 8 months in our new apartment (is still new after 8 months) I put a small hole/dent in the wall… I some how have a habit of doing things like this. I don’t try to do make these holes it just happens, often why I am trying not to do some other damage this time to the floor… so what happened was I was trying to adjust the rug on the floor, I moved off the sofa and pulled the rug back and re-centered it in the room. Then I have to move the sofa back on to the rug and being smart the light bulb goes off I think to myself well I shouldn’t drag the sofa on the floor as it could scratch the floor… I will pick the sofa up and place back down gently on the floor… ok no problem I am strong guy and lifting the sofa is not a problem… the problem…the unforeseen problem is the distance to wall which I underestimated… my depth perception is not what my physical strength is. So now a new apartment and a new hole in it. The hole will bepatched and fixed no problem it will just no longer be new to me and I think that bothers me more than having put the hole in the wall. I have lost my pristine illusion of my apartment.

Lesson learned (again): Wait for another person I don’t need to do everything myself!

Update: Hole has been repaired and it looks to be a a job well done, it doesn’t look like there was ever a hole just that some paint chipped


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