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Denise Richards its NOT complicated

Have you seen this latest awful celeb reality show Denise Richards its complicated, here the news flash its not complicated. This is an attempt on the part of Denise Richards to set the record straight on who she is and what its like to be her. Now if her attempt is to portray herself as a whinny victim of nothing then she has been a great success.  The show follows her through her daily life where she seems to be mostly overwhelmed by too much free time. She whines about being a single mom and how hard life with her kids is in a McMansion.

In a recent episode she complains about having the paparazzi following her and group of friends on vacation, she complains about this invasion of privacy as she has her own camera crew following her around! The show is a mess and she comes off terribly unbalanced she cries, she carries on, she is basically a mess. This woman needs to be told no at some point, everyone needs to be told no and some point and I think when people told her no she was still hot enough the put up with her… but the bloom is off the rose. She is so much of a mess that her dad had to move back in with her to help her manage all her free time and help out with kids. That I understand Dad’s do what they have to do.

The title of the show is its complicated, not to the viewer its not complicated it just awful and vain, many single mothers would love to have Denise’s complications. She should go see how complicated it is for a single mother of two making minimum wage or less, now that gets complicated. They don’t get breaks in Hawaii and to fret over being 15 lbs heavier from when they were 22 and they certainly don’t get to spend hours a day with their children, they have to actually work every day to make meager ends meet. I do not believe by any means Charlie Sheen is a saint but nor is Denise Richards a victim, spoiled brat yeah sure at least that is how she comes off on her show. Any complication there is, its likely of her own making.

Here is what the show should have been titled Denise Richards remember her from 10 years ago, now with more awfulness.

Just look at some of the upcoming episode tags

Denise Richards: It’s Complicated: Bikini Shape
Denise must get in bikini shape for her trip to Hawaii. Meanwhile, Denise’s pets get obedience training.

She has to get in Bikini shape clearly right up with rocket science in complication, how will she manage to do this with nothing but free time and running after kids

Denise Richards: It’s Complicated: Hawaii – Searching for Youth
Denise and her girlfriends head to Hawaii in an attempt to reclaim their youth. Meanwhile, Denise tries to overcome her fear of flying.

Reclaim their youth from what, watch 5 minutes and besides wanting to bill her for the 5 minutes of your time you will see that by reclaiming their youth they go topless and learn to paddle a surf board. Also to see why she doesn’t have a lot of acting work lately watch the “panic” attack on a plane.

Denise Richards: It’s Complicated: Denise vs. Tabloids
Denise confronts the tabloids head on. Meanwhile, Denise tries her best to stop swearing.

Tabloids are too mean to me… pout…she tries her best to stop swearing b/c it take considerable mental effort to think about what you are going to say before you say it.

Denise Richards: It’s Complicated: No Jacket Required
Denise must decide whether its time to change her image or model nude again. Meanwhile, Irv gets a Hollywood makeover in preparation for a red carpet event.

Yep and the UN awaits her decision…yawn

I truly hope there is not another season of this.


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  1. The trip to Hawaii was a hoot. They talked endlessly about going topless at the beach — as if that would be a big deal for a celeb… Then — what a shock! — a papparrazzi shows up to snap pics of them topless!! OMG!!! It was so INCREDIBLY contrived that you had to just laugh.

    Comment by Anonymous | July 24, 2008 | Reply

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