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The Job Quest

Its only been a little more than 3 weeks since my job broke up with me so its still early going in my search for a new job. I have been doing the normal things I scaled back my activities to conserve money, and I have been sending out multiple resumes a day, as well as trying to take advantage of the parks and things I have been needing to get done for a while now.

I spent the morning at the DMV the other day normally a chore that most people loath for it involves lots of standing around and waiting for your number to be called. I discovered when you have nowhere else to be its not that bad at all, it is the event of your day. I also liked the DMV for another reason because in the DMV we are all equal… everyone comes to the DMV it such a communal place. I just love when you can go somewhere and you see people from all across the world come together and the DMV provides that nicely.

The other great joy of free time is reading, sometimes its educational sometimes it recreational, but whatever I am reading it is awesome to just have time to sit down and start and finish a book. I hope to be posting some book reviews in the future. They will be short and sweet trying to avoid an plot spoilers.

Most of all I try to remain calm while I search for a new job, as I mentioned earlier I have been working every morning on sending out resumes, searching the job message boards, and making calls when I can. The big challenge for me now is to find work I want. I know the times are tough and a lot of people are in the job market with me. What I am trying to avoid is the desperation to get back to work, I would really like for my next job to be a job I really want to go to most days and be something I feel positive about. I have signed up for unemployment and have a meeting with a career counselor next week. I am really looking forward to this meeting. I have been out of college for 8 years and I still feel some of that wanderlust. I have never had a particular desire for any certain field… so when I send out my resume to jobs I am concerned for being too much of a generalist. Hopefully from this meeting I can get some more information and help in locating a good job, and maybe in a field that I could grow in more specifically.

All things considered things are well for the time being, the job quest will continue and in time I will be back among the working for now I will keep searching and keep trying to enjoy my free time while it lasts.


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