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You are Not the father

I just cannot take these Maury shows… well actually I can it is such a guilty pleasure. It seems everyday he does these paternity test episodes and every single segment is exactly the same as the one before it. The woman is certain that the man she has brought to the show is the father of her child… and sometimes he is… I often wonder how these people were so intimate as on the show they are so openly hostile. I also think its good in some cases that the person is not the father because the situation looks so awful. I know some of that is probably the work of the producers on the instigating the situation, but still there is a good amount of hostility brewing under the surface… and at most the producer is only stoking the fire that already exist.

One of the segments I particuarly enjoy are the women who have come back to test additional men… there was a woman who had to be up to 15 people… I cannot imagine and so far all have come back as not that father. There has to be a limited time frame in which she became pregnant and she cannot narrow down the amount of people she had sex with. 15 people so far and none of them are a match… the you have the cases of the women who have that look of fear in their eyes. The look of maybe I got pregnant while I was blacked out. I believe some of them are sincere in that they have no idea who the father of the baby could be.

Maury is a cautionary tale of our age. Ladies please make sure you know who is fathering your children, but if you have any doubt or question Maury can help you.


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