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Sarah Palin is a Creationist ID Supporter

It has begun, the google search of Sarah Palin turns up some interesting information about John McCain’s new VP running mate aside from her being currently under investigation in Alaska for abuse of power. She also thinks that creationism should be taught along side evolution in school… that in my book disqualifies her from my personal vote. This shows a lack of critical thinking on her part, as it is clear in the article she does not understand what a scientific theory is.

Palin was answering a question from the moderator near the conclusion of Wednesday night’s televised debate on KAKM Channel 7 when she said, “Teach both. You know, don’t be afraid of information. Healthy debate is so important, and it’s so valuable in our schools. I am a proponent of teaching both.”

Is she also in favor of teaching that the Earth is really flat as some people believe?
She has already been taken to task on these comments back when they were made over at the science blog Afarensis

It seems the assault on science is to continue.


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Current US Governor Former Beauty Queen McCain’s VP

It’s now all over the news that Senator John McCain has Picked his Vice President and its the current 1st term Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin. She is also the runner up for Miss Alaska in 1984 and was a total 80’s Babe!

Sarah Palin from here Beauty Queen days

Sarah Palin from her Beauty Queen days

Things are going to get interesting!

UPDATE: It’s been 20 minutes and news has come out that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is currently under investigation for abuse of office!

Now, one of the bright new stars in the Republican Party has suddenly become tarnished. The state legislature this week voted to hire an independent investigator to see whether Ms. Palin abused her office by trying to get her former brother-in-law fired from his job as an Alaska state trooper.

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Science Does What Only Ancient Gods Were Able Too

Make a Paralyzed man walk again… Israeli scientists have developed a Human exoskeleton that allows a person to walk again.  The Device is called Rewalk invented by Israeli engineer Amit Goffer who is the head of a Argo Medical Technologies.

This is simply amazing, this is a technology is in its infancy and it can only help those who are paralyzed from the waist below, you do need use of your arms to make this work. It does offer hope to those people who may have never thought they could walk again or too look a person eye to eye in conversation, but don’t take my word for it.

“I never dreamed I would walk again. After I was wounded, I forgot what it’s like,” said Kaiof, who was injured while serving in the Israeli military in 1988.

“Only when standing up can I feel how tall I really am and speak to people eye to eye, not from below.”

Its not just the restoration of a person ability to walk but article also point out the additional health benefits for a paralyzed person to be able to stand up and walk again.

Kate Parkin, director of physical and occupational therapy at NYU Medical Centre, said it has the potential to improve a user’s health in two ways.

“Physically, the body works differently when upright. You can challenge different muscles and allow full expansion of the lungs,” Parkin said. “Psychologically, it lets people live at the upright level and make eye contact.”

Iuly Treger, deputy director of Israel’s Loewenstein Rehabilitation Centre, said: “It may be a burdensome device, but it will be very helpful and important for those who choose to use it.”

Wait, what’s that Iuly it is a burdensome device?

The system, which requires crutches to help with balance, consists of motorized leg supports, body sensors and a back pack containing a computerized control box and rechargeable batteries.

Sure the suit is bulky at this point and requires specific control to make maneuvering easier, but to make a person walk again means the technology is here, Iron Man cannot be too far behind. This technology will be further developed and you can be sure it will be made smaller, lighter, and more user friendly.

Science Amazing!

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Neil Cavuto Common Sense (Over Simplification)

Neil Cavuto is a fox news host of Your World, the focus tends to be on money matters and occasionally Cavuto opines about major events in the US and the World in a segment called Common Sense, however his common sense is more often a massive over simplification of complicated world events. In his latest common sense he takes the Russian’s to task over their invasion of Georgia by comparing them to a house guest who won’t leave. This comparison is not only fundamentally flawed but also does a disservice to the American people by making this event a kin to something in their home that they may have experienced.

I think we’ve reached that awkward moment with Russia, where they’re just not getting it.

They’re now officially the guest who will not leave.

We’re like the host at the party hoping, hinting, praying and doing everything possible to make them leave.

We’re the host of the Party? Russia does not have forces occupying the USA, shouldn’t it be more like our friend Georgia is hosting a party and we are recently been added to their Top 5 Favorite friends? Also who is hinting we’re asking Russia to leave and so is Georgia and everyone else at this “party”. It’s also not a party it is an invasion, the “guest” was not invited. The “guest” is a heavily armed bully of an intruder. Who does Neil invite to his parties?

He’s not getting it.

He’s not budging.

So you start cleaning up bowls of popcorn, and this guy has the nerve to say, “Wait a minute, I’m not done with that!!”

And he asks for another beer.

The Russians are not asking for another beer they are taking and they are doing so with impunity! The nerve to say hey I am not done with that, is clearly a kin to destruction property and buildings smashing infrastructure. In the Party example the “guest” should not be using the door just smashing through a dry wall and ripping the phone system out and maybe have killed another party goer or two.

Russia is now the guest with the feet plopped on the table. We’ve tried every nice way in the world to say, get the heck out.

But he won’t get out. He’s digging in.

Says he likes your house. And really likes your TV. And stale popcorn too.

Then you say, “Yeah, but I poisoned the popcorn and the TV automatically goes off in one minute.”

Says he likes poisoned popcorn and no prob on the TV thing, he notices you’ve got great reading material, which he takes with him to your bathroom.

Where he locks the door.

And stays some more.

And it stinks. And there’s nothing you can do.

Wait what, Russia is a guy with their feet on my table, who has now gone and locked themselves in my bathroom… after I poisoned the pop corn? Who poisons pop corn, sick Neil! Is this a world power or a 15 year old psychotic girl we’re talking about. There are things that we can do however this is when diplomacy is the only real option, any military standoff would not end well. In the house “guest” example you would eventually call the police as your guest is really an intruder that is armed to the teeth. So call the police lets get more weapons on the scene and now instead of house guest who won’t leave we have a hostage standoff.

My responses here are also a massive over simplification to Cavuto’s massive over simplification and poor analogy. The situation in Georgia is complicated regarding breakaway regions claims on both sides of genocide and that the Georgia provoked the attacked in which the Russians responded with excessive force. If people want to be informed about then by all means there are the resources to get up on the knowledge but Cavuto has boiled it all down to this simply analogy for the soundbite segment. This is bad for all the American who don’t want to go in depth on this situation, but they pick up this information and believe they get a sense of what this situation is all about. Cavuto does get one thing right it does stink!

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Mythology Sunday: Ueuecoyotl God of Sex and Mischief

Ueuecoyotle God of Sex and mischief

Ueuecoyotle God of Sex and mischief

Ueuecoyotl also know as Huehuecoytotl, Old, old coyote is an Aztec God of physical sex and mischief. He was a trickster god that delighted in the paying of pranks. He was the God of fun for fun’s sake and for sex feeling good he is bisexual or trisexual if you will.

He often played tricks on the other Gods, which would back fire upon him. Also known as a great party giver, however he was also prone to great mischief and out of boredom could instigate war.

Ueuecoyotl is a member of the Tezcatlipoca family of Gods and has their power to change his shape. He is often depicted as a coyote with human and feet.

He was worshiped by those who felt they had been cursed or had bad luck as his shape shifting powers could alter their fortunes. The playing of drums, choral singing, and dancing were all elements of his festival.

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Mike and Mad Dog Show Finished

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo has left the Mike and Mad Dog show. According to today’s NY Post Russo has been able to be released from his final year of his contract with WFAN and will move over to Sirius Satellite radio. There has been speculation all summer long here in NY that the show was drawing to a close amid reports that Mike Francesa and Russo were no longer getting along (read fighting)  they had only done a handful of shows together all summer. All good things I guess do come to an end after 19 years of listening to Mike and Mad Dog all I can think to do is say thank you.

You can find more details in the NY POST article.

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The Job Quest Ends

I have previously written about how I had been laid off and my quest to find new employment. That quest has now ended I have accepted a Job offer and I am very excited for multiple reasons,  I had a very relaxing summer and really enjoyed not having to do anything but enjoy any day as I saw fit. My summer also doesn’t end as I will not start my new position until after labor day! This is just great news! I could not be more happy to know I have a job again and I will be back in the work force soon enough but now I can even more enjoy my final few weeks of summer relaxing and enjoying what time I have left knowing I have a job.

I am also excited to join my new office, I met with the president of a company and one of Project Managers I would be working with and I found the interview conversation very easy as folks I could get along with and have a soild working relationship. I look forward to starting in this new office meeting all the new people and the challenges a new job will bring.

There are a couple things I do hope to carry forward from my time off… less worrying about anything… I am or should I say was prone to be a bit of a worry wort about work, no more! I spent this summer not worrying that I have no job I just got my resume out there worked at it day after day and then sooner than I could have expected boom I have another job and I am back in the game. However I made time to do what I wanted as well if was sit in the park and read, play a video game, go for a walk, a mid afternoon movie, lunch with friends… it just been great! I am also very fortunate I have the support of my wonderful and lovely beautiful girlfriend as well as the total support of my family and friends in general it has just been super.

Cheers to the remaining days of summer!

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Neil Diamond ROCKS MSG!

He then proceeds to blow the roof off the dump, last night night I caught the Neil Diamond concert at Madison Square Garden. He is currently on tour in support of his new album Home Before Dark, which is great. It is a collaboration with producer Rick Ruben who previously worked with Johnny Cash on his final albums which also were great. Home Before Dark is Neil Diamond showing his chops as a song writer with a simple style and melody, the album can be infectious. 

    I bought the tickets a few months back as a present for my mom and dad, but I am also a big Neil Diamond fan so it was something I could share with them and I have also gotten my girlfriend in to Neil as well. We all had a great time, there was no opening act it was just straight Neil Diamond who appears on stage in all black suit with some sequins playing his awesome hits for two and half hours! The people went nuts dancing in the aisles and screaming for more. So what does Neil Diamond play for his concert you ask? Glad you did here is the set list

Holly Holy
Beautiful Noise
Street Life
Love on the Rocks
Play Me
Cherry Cherry
Thank God for the night time
Home Before Dark
Don’t Go There
Pretty Amazing Grace
Done Too Soon
Brooklyn Roads
I am… I said
Solitary Man
Kentucky Woman
Forever in Blue Jeans
Sweet Caroline (This was played 3X!!!!)
You Don’t Bring Me Flowers
Song sung Blue
I’m A believer
Man of God
Longfellow Serenade
Cracklin Rosie
Brother Loves Traveling Salvation Show

It was a great show, I highly recommend it to anyone who can go and see it and enjoy! Also just for any one who is going to any type of event at MSG, there is a Steak House Nick and Stef’s it actually in MSG with a private entrance to the garden the food is excellent and its a real hoot to use the private entrance.

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Flat Earth Come Back

Fox news has an article up regarding the resurgence of people who believe the Earth is flat. However before we dive in to the meat of this just look at how the article begins.

Global warming? Somewhat controversial. Evolution? Even more so. Still, there’s one well-founded scientific notion that everyone can agree upon: The Earth is round, like a ball.

Global warming somewhat controversial not to science, the controversy is if man is the main cause of the warming or to a lesser degree are we contributing to accelerated warming. There is no real controversy on if the planet is getting warmer.

Evolution is only controversial to those who reject science altogether. Poor reporting to start out, but they get the Earth is a sphere correct.

“People are definitely prejudiced against flat-Earthers,” Tennessee-based computer scientist and society member John Davis tells the BBC. “Many use the term ‘flat-Earther’ as a term of abuse, and with connotations that imply blind faith, ignorance or even anti-intellectualism.”

Maybe that is because the term does imply blind faith, ignorance, and anti-intellectualism, the notion is absurd. The article does point out the response from the flat earth believers to evidence that the Earth is a sphere.

The moon landings? Faked, say the flat-Earthers. Satellite images of the Earth? Fake, fake, fake.

Ah yes its all a fake, they believe the lunar landings were a hoax… come on… and satellite images are fake too, this is nothing short than alleging a world wide conspiracy of governments and scientists… COME ON. Of course we treat these ideas with scorn they are ridiculous, absurd, laughable.

SO what does the earth look like?

This is how a flat earth believer thinks the world looks

This is how a flat Earth believer thinks the world looks

Folks this is not a joke, I wish it were, but people are serious in the belief that the Earth is flat, I want to laugh but this is just too sad.

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