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Reflections on Boston

View from the hotel in Back Bay MIT is across the Charles

View from the hotel in Back Bay MIT is across the Charles

       This past weekend I returned to Boston for the first time since I left to come back home to NY 4 years ago. I went to college in Boston and lived in the Hub for 8 years… it was a great time in my life, when I was there I met many amazing people and I grew in to my independence as a person. I was so excited to return mostly due to the happy occasion of good college friends who were getting married… that fact alone fills me with so much happiness but also to return to this city which was once my home was an awesome bonus.
        I returned to Boston much like when I first returned to my childhood home… everything was as I remembered it but seemed smaller. It was all there but somehow I thought it must have been bigger. I spent the day with my girlfriend who also lived in Boston, we met in Boston, we began out love in Boston. It is a very special city to both of us. 
       We began our trip down memory lane on Mass Ave at the top of Newbury, where the Tower Records use to be, its now a Best Buy… but other than that most of Newbury is how I remember it… it only been a few years but all the old favorites were there, JP licks, Newbury Comics, Condom World, Charlies Saloon… on and on.  What did surprise us is how we use to view this as a major street and it so small and narrow…I recalled thinking how I use to feel I walked far if I walked the length of Newbury… it takes 15 minutes to walk to the whole street it not long at all…
       From the shops of Newbury were entered the serenity of the Boston Public Garden… and we did something we never did as a couple in Boston we took a swan boat ride, after we did we made our way through the garden to the Boston Common and rested up on the hill, then cooling our heels in the frog pond.
       We realized at this point how small Boston had become and how quickly you can cover ground in the city… we we’re already at park st… so we decided to head down to Scolley square on the way we stopped in to the Kings Cross Grave Yard of early colonists and patriots and I realized something. If you look at the head stones I think due to the limited space that most of the people buried here are not laying down they are likely standing. There is just not enough room for all the head stones to be laying down.
      In to Quincy Market… this is all as I remembered it and its still mostly a tourist trap, but then we found what was really different in the city… the whole time I lived in Boston they were working on the Big Dig, it is now complete… so where the was a raised highway and massive holes in the ground there are now parks and quiet streets… You can clearly see the the north end and how nice it is. We sat and enjoyed this new area of Boston for a while, sitting on the water in the harbor. This was a new experience in Boston and was one I enjoyed very much. To complete our tour of the city we made our way in to the north end… 
     There is this little bakery that makes the BEST Italian sub in the city and possibly ever… its Bovas Bakery on Salem Street. If I recommend anything in Boston I recommend this! It Huge and its Delicious! This was the end of our walking tour in Boston… we had to head back to our hotel and get ready for an amazing night with old friends in celebration.
To be fair all and all our trip was great but also clearly reminded me of why we ultimately left Boston, there was a nonsense instance over at the bar the TAM on Tremont St. This is a bar I had hung out in dozens of times. On Friday night we met up with many of our old friends and decided to go to the TAM… from which I was refused entry… they only accept Passports and driver licences… total nonsense… never mind that there is no difference from a state ID card and a Drivers License and never mind that I am well overthe drinking age… the problem is in how stupid these bars are… The bouncers denied me entry to the bar, with my vaild ID while letting in a girl in our party who had no ID! Then the balls to say we have a policy… it is a joke… now rather than make a huge scene about as I was incensed to do… we pulled the 30 people in the bar out and brought them next door.  However for being lame the TAM should be ashamed, the bouncers they employe are everything that is wrong with Boston and hold the city down.
Going to Boston was an overall wonderful experience and made me really appreciate the time I spent there and fun of going back. It also made me realize how much I love living in NY and how much I appreciate living in the Mega City that NY is and the freedom that comes with it!

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