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Mythology Sunday: Ueuecoyotl God of Sex and Mischief

Ueuecoyotle God of Sex and mischief

Ueuecoyotle God of Sex and mischief

Ueuecoyotl also know as Huehuecoytotl, Old, old coyote is an Aztec God of physical sex and mischief. He was a trickster god that delighted in the paying of pranks. He was the God of fun for fun’s sake and for sex feeling good he is bisexual or trisexual if you will.

He often played tricks on the other Gods, which would back fire upon him. Also known as a great party giver, however he was also prone to great mischief and out of boredom could instigate war.

Ueuecoyotl is a member of the Tezcatlipoca family of Gods and has their power to change his shape. He is often depicted as a coyote with human and feet.

He was worshiped by those who felt they had been cursed or had bad luck as his shape shifting powers could alter their fortunes. The playing of drums, choral singing, and dancing were all elements of his festival.


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