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Diva Worthy of the Paris Opera

Actually I have no idea what an Opera Diva is really like… the closest I come is the one portrayed in Phantom of the Opera and she was a Bitch and so is Plaxico Burress  star wide reciever of the NY Football Giants, well that is what I got from the article about him.

Recently-suspended Giants WR Plaxico Burress has been fined a stunning 40-50 times during his four seasons in New York, according to FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer. The fines have been levied for various offenses, mainly related to Burress’ tardiness for meetings and treatments

Holy crap he’s been fined 40 -50 times! If I am even a few minutes late to a meeting I think I am going to get it but I don’t think the boss is going to take a few bucks out of my pocket. The article doesn’t mention an amount.

Burress has accepted the fines without incident, writes Glazer, but was taken aback by the suspension because “he just wants to play football.” What Plax doesn’t seem to understand is that playing football is a full-time job that includes going to meetings, getting treatment for injuries and listening to coaches. His new $35 million contract doesn’t just pay him for Sundays, but for the other six days of the week as well

What I think Burress does understand is that he has F-YOU money and the talent to back it up… so you can call your little meetings draw some X’s and O’s on the dry erase board… but he’s been paid and your fines don’t mean a thing  Burress is his own boss and plays it his way. besides I am betting to Burress whatever the actual amount of the fine is, it like a couple of bucks to an average Joe.

This is a major problem for the Giants. It’s one thing to give star treatment to your biggest offensive weapon, but allowing him to create his own rules in a locker room that won a Super Bowl thanks, in part, to the disciplined approach of Tom Coughlin is a powder keg of resentment waiting to explode.

OK let’s settle down, how about we first find out if there are locker room problems before we start going and throwing words around. He’s not Shockey he actually has the talent!


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