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The End of Time Part 1


The time of the 10th Doctor is drawing to a close and his old Nemesis the Master is back, but is that all or is there something more at play here? the time has come for the 2 Part finale which not only see’s David Tennant’s time as the Doctor come to an end but also Russel T Davies as writer and producer who brought Doctor Who back to TV in 2005. These episodes promise to be an exciting end to this chapter of long running British Sci-fi series. Here is a clip from part one:

Part 1 does not disappoint it is 60 minutes of a bigger than life Doctor Who action that we have come to expect from RTD. The folks over at the Gallifreyan Embassy have a saying “in Russel we trust” and with good cause, b/c the man can tell a story and whale of a tale it is.

The Master returns having cheated death once again and he is mad as ever! The drums the never ending drums in his mind are real. We also get insights in to the Doctor’s mind and childhood, the story establishes that the Master and the Doctor were childhood friends and that they use to play together. Their is history does go back a very long way.

We also see the return of Donna Noble not as a companion as she can never remember her past for fear of destroying her mind, but her family is part of the story the Doctor is aided  by Her grandfather Wilfred Mott, who like Donna is an ordinary person who has a huge part to play in the unfolding of the events around the Doctor, There is a scene between the Doctor and Wilfred in the coffee shop where we get insight in to the Doctor’s mind, his fear of death and how regeneration even feels like death to him, as that specific incarnation is gone forever. Great Stuff here!

There is another element to this story atypical for Doctor Who, there is a narrator voiced by Timothy Dalton that provides some exposition on the story and the events we are witnessing. It is not until the end that we see this  narrator and realize who or what he is. He is delivering a speech and as the camera pulls away, we see he is not just a Man but a Time Lord holding the staff of Rassilion! He is addressing the Time Lords and they are coming BACK!!!

I for one cannot wait for next week exciting 75 minute conclusion to this story, the Time Lords are coming back, what does this mean for the Doctor, for Galifrey, for the Universe, for next season!

I really enjoyed this story and feel it is building to something in the Russel T Davis style that will leave the Doctor Who fans eager and Ready for the 11 Doctor and adventures Steven Moffat will take us all on.


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Mythology Sunday: Ueuecoyotl God of Sex and Mischief

Ueuecoyotle God of Sex and mischief

Ueuecoyotle God of Sex and mischief

Ueuecoyotl also know as Huehuecoytotl, Old, old coyote is an Aztec God of physical sex and mischief. He was a trickster god that delighted in the paying of pranks. He was the God of fun for fun’s sake and for sex feeling good he is bisexual or trisexual if you will.

He often played tricks on the other Gods, which would back fire upon him. Also known as a great party giver, however he was also prone to great mischief and out of boredom could instigate war.

Ueuecoyotl is a member of the Tezcatlipoca family of Gods and has their power to change his shape. He is often depicted as a coyote with human and feet.

He was worshiped by those who felt they had been cursed or had bad luck as his shape shifting powers could alter their fortunes. The playing of drums, choral singing, and dancing were all elements of his festival.

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