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The End is Here

The end for Yankee stadium, for us Yankee fans its time to say good-bye to the home we grew up in.  I recall my first Yankee stadium memory as sitting along the right field line back in 1987. I went to the game with my neighbor and his son who was my childhood best friend, it was the Yankees vs the Tigers. I remember to over whelming feeling I felt as this mass of humanity pushed towards the gates of the stadium. The first bite of the hot dog, and breaking peanuts out of their shells and since that first game I have been to the stadium dozens of times and its the same wonderful experience every time… well maybe not so wonderful when the Yanks lose… but every time I go regardless of the record its exciting to be there to feel the energy of a place where a huge part of baseball history resides.

      The Yanks will finish this season in a not so illustrious way the biggest payroll in baseball history and sadly this season there will be no post season held in our baseball home, not party in october, so today we say good bye and thank you.

Yankee Stadium Fun Facts

Opened: April 18, 1923
Closed: September 30, 1973
Reopened: April 15, 1976
First night game: May 28, 1946
Surface: Merion Bluegrass

Total # of Yankee home games: 6,581

World Series Won at Yankee Stadium: 16 Total 9 of which were Won by the Yankees 1927, 1938, 1947, 1950, 1951, 1953, 1977, 1996, 1999

Championship Boxing Bouts: 30

Football : Yankee stadium was home to the New York Football Giants from 1956 to 1973 and hosted what has been called the greatest game ever played.

A ball hitting the foul pole in the 1930s was in play, not a homer.

“Death Valley” in left-center.

Green curtain in center is sometimes raised and lowered like a window shade to force visiting batters to face a background of white-shirted bleacher fans while allowing Yankees hitters to face a dark green background. Sometimes removed in World Series play to sell more seats.



The sunsets over Yankees Stadium

The sunsets over Yankees Stadium

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Mike and Mad Dog Show Finished

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo has left the Mike and Mad Dog show. According to today’s NY Post Russo has been able to be released from his final year of his contract with WFAN and will move over to Sirius Satellite radio. There has been speculation all summer long here in NY that the show was drawing to a close amid reports that Mike Francesa and Russo were no longer getting along (read fighting)  they had only done a handful of shows together all summer. All good things I guess do come to an end after 19 years of listening to Mike and Mad Dog all I can think to do is say thank you.

You can find more details in the NY POST article.

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View Sunspots in Grand Central Terminal

Do you like fun simple science you don’t need a degree to have fun with? I do! There a pretty cool way you can study or at least check out sunspots from inside Grand Central Terminal Of course I feel obligated to give the normal disclaimer never look directly in to the sun unless you would like to damage your eyes… and you will if you look in to the sun… Anyway back to the astronomy in the terminal.

take a plain white sheet of paper to the terminal’s Grand Concourse around 2:30 p.m. or a half-hour each way, when the sun shines straight along Park Avenue. (The exact times vary.) The day should be sunny, clear and cloudless.

The southern wall of the Grand Concourse, facing 42nd Street, has semicircular grills high up, with small curlicued spaces like those in a leafy tree. Many of those spaces act like the aperture of a pinhole camera, reflecting an image of the sun that, when it reaches the floor, will be 8 to 12 inches wide. The smaller grill spaces will produce dimmer but sharper solar images on your paper.

Right now the forecast calls for rain in the city this weekend which would be my first opportunity to check this out… but if it turns out to nice I will definate spend a few minutes checking this out.

Grand Central Terminal fun fact… many people mistakenly believe the name of the train station is Grand Central Station its not that would be the post office.

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My Little Predators

     I have two cats and like most pet owners I enjoy them for their company and petting them is extremely relaxing. However one of the other great aspects of owning a dog or a cat is deep down they are still predators and I love to watch that instinct come out in them.

      The other night my girlfriend and I are sitting around our apartment watching TV, when she suddenly notices our female cat acting strange… and then my girlfriend sees it a big old NYC cockroach and the cat is tracking it. She freaks, I freak and the cat is still tracking it… it doesn’t care that its a bug it got that hunters look in her eyes… the roach quickly scrambles under the sofa and gone… the female cat has lost the trail, but now with the bug under the sofa we can not sit comfortably wanting not to be startled by the sudden reappearance of the roach.

      We move the sofa and try to cause a little commotion in an attempt to draw out the roach… it didn’t work but it got our male cat curious enough to get up and see why we are making a fuss and then he sees it crawling under the sofa… and with a look of determination he has now joined the hunt. The female then returns and the two of them create a perimeter around the sofa… this roach is now on a death clock the cats are locked in and seem to be enjoying this rarely used aspect of their lives… hunting… the male cat patiently stalks the bug flushes it out from under the sofa chases it under a chair and ultimately in to a corner under a table… he’s got it!

      Unfortunately for the cat this where we as owners come back in to finish the job… after all its a NYC roach filthy and disgusting and I don’t want the cat to begin toying with it and I certainly do not want either of them to eat it… We finish off the roach and the cats get treats for being good little predators.

     When you read about the history of cats and dogs and how they became our companions one of the top reasons universally given is pest control and still to this day its a service my cats are happy to perform.

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NY Govenor does the right thing

NYS Governor David Patterson has directed all state agencies to recognize same sex marriage for those couples that were married where same sex marriage is permitted. All those objectors many if not all are religiously motivated are now coming out and lamenting the death of the traditional family, as if their view of how things can be is the only way it could or should be. It is just utter nonsense that is espoused by these people. I also find it extremely hypocritical in that how many of these people are truly living by the laws in Leviticus?

These un-named religious masses that I decry here are the same folks who whine that courts shouldn’t decide things the people should except when the people’s will is not inline with their religiously motivated views then they will go to the courts to make a case as to why this should or should not be allowed . Just for example the Oregon euthanasia law that was voter approved then matter was brought by for the court and applauded by those who had religious motivation.

The Governor of NY has done the right thing here and I applaud his actions. I just hope those blinded by religious dogma will learn tolerance enough to understand that we must love all equally and if they do believe in their God(s) allow that God(s) be the judge of actions and intents and all peoples should concern themselves only with the love and respect for their fellow man and the pursuit of freedom and happiness in whatever form it may come in.

I would further support the Governor in allowing same sex marriage throughout the state, as I understand this has already been settled in court as far as the current law reads same sex marriage is not permitted in NYS. The state assembly has approved a bill that would allow for same sex marriage but the NY state senate has failed to take up the measure. I am not surprised I would be surprised if the reason they did not take up the bill was for anything other than some silly religious reason.

Also understand I am not asking these people shut up or not express their opinions I just happen to consider their opinion on these matters wrong and not supported by evidence outside of some ancient text that is demonstrably fallible. They are absolutely right to express their opinions on any matter and it is just as right to criticize them for it.

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Happy Birthday Brooklyn Bridge

The Bridge a week before its 125th birthdayIt’s the Brooklyn Bridge’s 125th Birthday, do non living things get birthdays? I guess its the 125th anniversary of the day it first opened to the public doesn’t have the same ring.

I found this link to an article from Brooklyn Daily Eagle from the day the bridge opened, it’s pretty sweet

This was the worlds largest bridge at the time it opened connecting the cities of New York and Brooklyn, I can appreciate how the article likened it to having transformed the rainbow, there was a certain sense of awe New Yorker’s of that age had when they saw the bridge… many people probably felt that type of awe as a child at least that was when I can recollect having felt the type of awe

I hope the bridge is still in use in another 125 years or atleast till the last day I can use it

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