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Ah The Donner Cut

I have no idea why it took so long for me to see this movie, but I finally got around to seeing Superman II : The Richard Donner cut. Donner was the orginal director on the film and most of the movie was shot simultaneously with the first movie, apparently due to a dispute with the producers Richard Donner left the project prior to completion and another director was brought in to complete the movie, but there was also some significant story changes.

I had always grown up on the Richard Lester version and have loved the movie since I was small, seeing the Richard Donner cut was a real treat, it was like going back to that old classic movie you loved and instead of butchering it, they made it even better!  I do cut this movie a little slack for some continuity issues due to the necessary use of the actors screen tests being used in part of the story.

This re-edit tells a more complete story and to me strikes more of a Superman comic book feel. I feel in this version all the performances come up a notch somehow, plus  the inclusion of Marlon Brando who was editted out of the Richard Lester version, Jor-el play a much more significant part.  The conversation between Kal-el and Jor-el over his responsibility is tops. I also enjoy that the story now provides a more satisfying explanation for how Superman regains his powers after having given them up. Thank you for this… previously it went from irreversable to he has got them back.

This cut of the film also works well with the most recent Superman film, Superman: Returns, there is a theme that runs from this cut of the movie in to that film. The Kryptonian Prophecy: The Father Shall become the Son and the Son shall become the Father. I like how I enjoyed this movie so much it affects how I feel about another movie… that’s a good sign!

 I would like to point out no matter which version you like, one actor is supremely great in both the Lester Version and this newer cut; ladies and gentlemen Mr. Gene Hackman, his style, delivery, timing, facial expressions all great! but again I feel this newer cut on whole is just superior to the Lester Version and everyone’s performance somehow reflects this.

This was a real home run and finally a director’s cut worth watching!

Thank you Mr. Donner, your team, and all the good people who made this one happen.


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Is The Rise of Skynet Inevitable

Skynet seems to think so. In Terminator 3 the T-800 Model Terminator informs John Connor that the events of T2: Judgement day did not prevent the creation of Skynet but only delayed it and that the creation of Skynet is invevitable. This one of the reasons I like the Terminator movies, the concepts of time travel that comes in to play and Predestination Paradoxes or Causality loops that are used in the story.

Is the creation of Skynet inevitable? Well according to the story it is the future that creates Skynet (oversimplification), Skynet is developed out of technology from the future. When the original T-800 is sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor ( first Terminator movie) it is the parts that remained from that terminator that advanced the R&D at cyberdyne industries. In T2 these parts are destroyed and the creation of Skynet is delayed, but it does still happen (T3: Rise of the Machines.)

 Skynet creates itself essentially, by having sent the terminator back in time, this  is the crux of the Predestination Paradox. Well What if it doesn’t create itself? In Terminator Salvation Skynet has a kill list that is made evident early in the movie, top of the list Kyle Reese  a teenager in post apocalyptic LA. Why is he on the list, presumable if you kill Kyle Reese,  John Connor leader of the resistance will never have existed, b/c Kyle is the father of John Connor who sent him back in time to protect his mother Sarah Connor from the orginal Terminator (first movie) Predestination Paradox… DUN DUN DUUUUN. However if Skynet were to succeed and kill Kyle Reese does Skynet kill itself… or would its creation still be inevitable?

If skynet succeeded and killed Kyle Reese,  John Connor would never exist to lead the resistance, and skynet would not need to send a T-800 back in time trying to kill Sarah Connor. Since the T-800 does not travel back in time, cyberdyne advanced R&D does not gain access to future technology on which Skynet is designed.  This could lead to a possibility where Skynet is not created, but at the very least causing another delay it’s “inveitable” creation.

It would seem Skynet has a Kyle Reese problem.

Or rather the writer(s) of Terminator Salvation… since it’s all make-believe.

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Disturbed by Palin in the Debate

What is with the winking? She keeps winking at the camera is she trying to imply that she is up to something? Would she be winking while sitting at the table across from Putin… he might make a pass at her or maybe he would challenger her to a duel… I don’t know how winking is interpreted in the Russian culture. I don’t think its normal to be winking in to the camera during a debate. 

What about making her eyes go wide is that her trying to stress a point she was making or is she working on her Jedi mind tricks?

The half smile, she goes for the coy half smile, like when a child is lying to you but is also being cutesy to cover it up… what is she hiding in that half smile…what is she not telling us? Maybe nothing, maybe something…

I can live with the folksy speak… hey if that the way you talk in Alaska OK… just make sure when you sit down with other people they are not distracted by the fact you choose not to pronounce the letter “g” at the end of words.

She will “tolerate” same sex couples… is that what gay people are really looking for toleration? you tolerate going to the dentist, you tolerate sitting through an awful chick flick b/c you want your girl friend to be happy. You tolerate your grand parents off color comments b/c they came from a different generation… but do you tolerate supporting equal rights for all people regardless of race, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or whatever other nonsense people can come up with divide ourselves from each other? No, You support and be all for all people being treated the same, we are all human, everyone is your brother and sister.

VP power grab; she admitted to wanting to expand the power of the VP… scary stuff… it not enough to be the #2 in government nope you need to even expand your power in to the legislature.

These are only the ones I can rattle off the top of my head feel free to share yours.

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Flat Earth Come Back

Fox news has an article up regarding the resurgence of people who believe the Earth is flat. However before we dive in to the meat of this just look at how the article begins.

Global warming? Somewhat controversial. Evolution? Even more so. Still, there’s one well-founded scientific notion that everyone can agree upon: The Earth is round, like a ball.

Global warming somewhat controversial not to science, the controversy is if man is the main cause of the warming or to a lesser degree are we contributing to accelerated warming. There is no real controversy on if the planet is getting warmer.

Evolution is only controversial to those who reject science altogether. Poor reporting to start out, but they get the Earth is a sphere correct.

“People are definitely prejudiced against flat-Earthers,” Tennessee-based computer scientist and society member John Davis tells the BBC. “Many use the term ‘flat-Earther’ as a term of abuse, and with connotations that imply blind faith, ignorance or even anti-intellectualism.”

Maybe that is because the term does imply blind faith, ignorance, and anti-intellectualism, the notion is absurd. The article does point out the response from the flat earth believers to evidence that the Earth is a sphere.

The moon landings? Faked, say the flat-Earthers. Satellite images of the Earth? Fake, fake, fake.

Ah yes its all a fake, they believe the lunar landings were a hoax… come on… and satellite images are fake too, this is nothing short than alleging a world wide conspiracy of governments and scientists… COME ON. Of course we treat these ideas with scorn they are ridiculous, absurd, laughable.

SO what does the earth look like?

This is how a flat earth believer thinks the world looks

This is how a flat Earth believer thinks the world looks

Folks this is not a joke, I wish it were, but people are serious in the belief that the Earth is flat, I want to laugh but this is just too sad.

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Reflections on Boston

View from the hotel in Back Bay MIT is across the Charles

View from the hotel in Back Bay MIT is across the Charles

       This past weekend I returned to Boston for the first time since I left to come back home to NY 4 years ago. I went to college in Boston and lived in the Hub for 8 years… it was a great time in my life, when I was there I met many amazing people and I grew in to my independence as a person. I was so excited to return mostly due to the happy occasion of good college friends who were getting married… that fact alone fills me with so much happiness but also to return to this city which was once my home was an awesome bonus.
        I returned to Boston much like when I first returned to my childhood home… everything was as I remembered it but seemed smaller. It was all there but somehow I thought it must have been bigger. I spent the day with my girlfriend who also lived in Boston, we met in Boston, we began out love in Boston. It is a very special city to both of us. 
       We began our trip down memory lane on Mass Ave at the top of Newbury, where the Tower Records use to be, its now a Best Buy… but other than that most of Newbury is how I remember it… it only been a few years but all the old favorites were there, JP licks, Newbury Comics, Condom World, Charlies Saloon… on and on.  What did surprise us is how we use to view this as a major street and it so small and narrow…I recalled thinking how I use to feel I walked far if I walked the length of Newbury… it takes 15 minutes to walk to the whole street it not long at all…
       From the shops of Newbury were entered the serenity of the Boston Public Garden… and we did something we never did as a couple in Boston we took a swan boat ride, after we did we made our way through the garden to the Boston Common and rested up on the hill, then cooling our heels in the frog pond.
       We realized at this point how small Boston had become and how quickly you can cover ground in the city… we we’re already at park st… so we decided to head down to Scolley square on the way we stopped in to the Kings Cross Grave Yard of early colonists and patriots and I realized something. If you look at the head stones I think due to the limited space that most of the people buried here are not laying down they are likely standing. There is just not enough room for all the head stones to be laying down.
      In to Quincy Market… this is all as I remembered it and its still mostly a tourist trap, but then we found what was really different in the city… the whole time I lived in Boston they were working on the Big Dig, it is now complete… so where the was a raised highway and massive holes in the ground there are now parks and quiet streets… You can clearly see the the north end and how nice it is. We sat and enjoyed this new area of Boston for a while, sitting on the water in the harbor. This was a new experience in Boston and was one I enjoyed very much. To complete our tour of the city we made our way in to the north end… 
     There is this little bakery that makes the BEST Italian sub in the city and possibly ever… its Bovas Bakery on Salem Street. If I recommend anything in Boston I recommend this! It Huge and its Delicious! This was the end of our walking tour in Boston… we had to head back to our hotel and get ready for an amazing night with old friends in celebration.
To be fair all and all our trip was great but also clearly reminded me of why we ultimately left Boston, there was a nonsense instance over at the bar the TAM on Tremont St. This is a bar I had hung out in dozens of times. On Friday night we met up with many of our old friends and decided to go to the TAM… from which I was refused entry… they only accept Passports and driver licences… total nonsense… never mind that there is no difference from a state ID card and a Drivers License and never mind that I am well overthe drinking age… the problem is in how stupid these bars are… The bouncers denied me entry to the bar, with my vaild ID while letting in a girl in our party who had no ID! Then the balls to say we have a policy… it is a joke… now rather than make a huge scene about as I was incensed to do… we pulled the 30 people in the bar out and brought them next door.  However for being lame the TAM should be ashamed, the bouncers they employe are everything that is wrong with Boston and hold the city down.
Going to Boston was an overall wonderful experience and made me really appreciate the time I spent there and fun of going back. It also made me realize how much I love living in NY and how much I appreciate living in the Mega City that NY is and the freedom that comes with it!

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Ray Comfort’s Atheist Starter Kit

Over at RayComfort Blog Ignorance Central he has what he calls the Atheist Starter Kit. It is a collection of his ten recommendations for a novice atheist in how to argue with theist…. it’s amusing because it demonstrates that lack of depth with which he proclaims to understand atheists. I wanted to take the time and generally mock these 10 absurd points.

1. Whenever you are presented with credible evidence for God’s existence, call it a “straw man argument,” or “circular reasoning.” If something is quoted from somewhere, label it “quote mining.”

Here the presumption is that you will be presented with “credible” evidence, meaning that the evidence is so compelling that it is to be believed. So Ray has evidence for Proof of God(s) and I assume that he means Jesus is God since he is Christian and not the vague undefined God that is out there…The problem is it is highly doubtful he will present credible evidence and it is more likely that it will be flawed for any number of reason including but not limited to the one he listed above. I would love credible evidence for God(s). Please Provide it!!!!!

2. When a Christian says that creation proves that there is a Creator, dismiss such common sense by saying “That’s just the old watchmaker argument.”

What about when a Muslims, Hindus, or Wiccans say it? Would this be just as much evidence for their God/Goddess? Is he making an argument for Jesus or Just a vague undefined supernatural God? Why should we accept a creator as a default position, cannot the answer be the only intellectually honest one which is we do not know at this time how the creation (universe) was created?

3. When you hear that you have everything to gain and nothing to lose (the pleasures of Heaven, and the endurance of Hell) by obeying the Gospel, say “That’s just the old ‘Pascal wager.'”

It is Pascal’s Wager! Again this argument can come from any religion so what makes your religion more correct than any other religion, they all proclaim the exclusive way through their religious text either sent directly from God(s) or divinely inspired.. Consider there are 6 billion people on the planet only 2 billion are christian that means 4 billion people are not choosing Christianity. That ‘s a lot of people just left to suffer in hell and not because they were bad or evil people but they just didn’t back your God(s)…

4. You can also deal with the “whoever looks on a woman to lust for her, has committed adultery with her already in his heart,” by saying that there is no evidence that Jesus existed. None.

Is that Jesus never existed the best argument here, how about the Freedom argument. Freedom to think and have any thought I want or can come up with. Freedom from the thought control of your book. This seems more about creating a sense of Guilt in believers, I’ll stick with freedom.

5. Believe that the Bible is full of mistakes, and actually says things like the world is flat. Do not read it for yourself. That is a big mistake. Instead, read, believe, and imitate Richard Dawkins. Learn and practice the use of big words. “Megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully” is a good phrase to learn.

This one I agree with READ the BIBLE, and you will find many mistakes and contradictions. In fact many atheists have read the bible and other religious texts… actually read it cover to cover and see if it all really does make sense. See the violence, genocide, destruction, the wrath, famine and plagues… read how if you don’t believe this forever you will be damned… and then try and reconcile that with love and tolerance it preaches on the other hand. Also read the Koran, and the book of Mormon, Hindu Purana’s… I am willing to bet Ray Comfort doesn’t want you to read those only his concept of God and religion.

6. Say that you were once a genuine Christian, and that you found it to be false. (The cool thing about being an atheist is that you can lie through your teeth, because you believe that are no moral absolutes.) Additionally, if a Christian points out that this is impossible (simply due to the very definition of Christianity as one who knows the Lord), just reply “That’s the ‘no true Scotsman fallacy.'” PLEASE NOTE: It cannot be overly emphasized how learning and using these little phrases can help you feel secure in dismissing common sense.

Unstated major premise Christian’s don’t lie. The definition of Christianity is one who knows the lord? Where does this come from certainly not Merriam Webster. He must have a different dictionary… I also like how he has conveniently done away with the need for faith, if you know something then you don’t need faith in that thing… this must go back to that credible evidence that he can present… not only can he do away with atheist and agnostics, but all other religions. He knows the lord… wait not Jesus?

7. Believe that nothing is 100% certain, except the theory of Darwinian evolution. Do not question it. Believe with all of your heart that there is credible scientific evidence for species-to-species transitional forms. When you make any argument, pat yourself on the back by concluding with “Man, are you busted!” That will make you feel good about yourself.

Ah the evolution is a religion gambit… when in fact any evolutionary biologist will tell you science is provisional on the latest data and evolution through common descent is well supported. The problem for Ray Comfort is that he cannot come up with any actual science to dispute evolution at best he can point out the holes in the information and say see it’s incomplete as if that is a criticism of of science and not its strength. There will be always missing information our knowledge will never be complete but it will be on going. Do you know what has to be believe 100% for certain with no evidence for it, if you guessed Christianity you would be correct. If you guessed any other major world religion you would also be correct.

8. Deal with the threat of eternal punishment by saying that you don’t believe in the existence of Hell. Then convince yourself that because you don’t believe in something, it therefore doesn’t exist. Don’t follow that logic onto a railway line and an oncoming train.

The difference here and it maybe a subtle one is that railway lines and trains are real. They exist and we have direct evidence for them can your provide that credible direct evidence for God and God’s other sinister creation HELL?

9. Blame Christianity for the atrocities of the Roman Catholic church–when it tortured Christians through the Spanish Inquisition, imprisoned Galileo for his beliefs, or when it murdered Moslems in the Crusades.

Wait a minute are Catholics no longer Christians? Was there a tribal council and they got voted off the island? The last time I checked Roman Catholics represent the single largest christian group both in the USA and the World, they were also founded by the apostle Peter… but they don’t really represent Christianity… Ladies and Gentlemen the Protestant Pope Ray Comfort he represents the true Christians.

10. Finally, keep in fellowship with other like-minded atheists who believe as you believe, and encourage each other in your beliefs. Build up your faith. Never doubt for a moment. Remember, the key to atheism is to be unreasonable. Fall back on that when you feel threatened. Think shallow, and keep telling yourself that you are intelligent. Remember, an atheist is someone who pretends there is no God.

Finally, keep in fellowship with other like-minded Christians who believe as you believe, and encourage each other in your beliefs. Build up your faith. Never doubt for a moment. Remember, the key to Christianity is to be unreasonable. Fall back on that when you feel threatened. Think shallow, and keep telling yourself that you are intelligent. Remember, an Christian is someone who pretends there is a God.

Which one looks like a more accurate statment?

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USA Pride Made in China

I was in Walgreens the other night and as I went to the counter I saw these National Pride Bracelets and it just speaks for itself.



I picked up a bracelet for a closer inspection.



Why are these not made in the USA, who buys this, who can buy a USA pride bracelet made in china? How is it cheaper to make this in china and ship across the pacific? It just boggles the mind… this maybe the least patriotic thing I have ever seen, less patriotic than flag burning.

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Denise Richards its NOT complicated

Have you seen this latest awful celeb reality show Denise Richards its complicated, here the news flash its not complicated. This is an attempt on the part of Denise Richards to set the record straight on who she is and what its like to be her. Now if her attempt is to portray herself as a whinny victim of nothing then she has been a great success.  The show follows her through her daily life where she seems to be mostly overwhelmed by too much free time. She whines about being a single mom and how hard life with her kids is in a McMansion.

In a recent episode she complains about having the paparazzi following her and group of friends on vacation, she complains about this invasion of privacy as she has her own camera crew following her around! The show is a mess and she comes off terribly unbalanced she cries, she carries on, she is basically a mess. This woman needs to be told no at some point, everyone needs to be told no and some point and I think when people told her no she was still hot enough the put up with her… but the bloom is off the rose. She is so much of a mess that her dad had to move back in with her to help her manage all her free time and help out with kids. That I understand Dad’s do what they have to do.

The title of the show is its complicated, not to the viewer its not complicated it just awful and vain, many single mothers would love to have Denise’s complications. She should go see how complicated it is for a single mother of two making minimum wage or less, now that gets complicated. They don’t get breaks in Hawaii and to fret over being 15 lbs heavier from when they were 22 and they certainly don’t get to spend hours a day with their children, they have to actually work every day to make meager ends meet. I do not believe by any means Charlie Sheen is a saint but nor is Denise Richards a victim, spoiled brat yeah sure at least that is how she comes off on her show. Any complication there is, its likely of her own making.

Here is what the show should have been titled Denise Richards remember her from 10 years ago, now with more awfulness.

Just look at some of the upcoming episode tags

Denise Richards: It’s Complicated: Bikini Shape
Denise must get in bikini shape for her trip to Hawaii. Meanwhile, Denise’s pets get obedience training.

She has to get in Bikini shape clearly right up with rocket science in complication, how will she manage to do this with nothing but free time and running after kids

Denise Richards: It’s Complicated: Hawaii – Searching for Youth
Denise and her girlfriends head to Hawaii in an attempt to reclaim their youth. Meanwhile, Denise tries to overcome her fear of flying.

Reclaim their youth from what, watch 5 minutes and besides wanting to bill her for the 5 minutes of your time you will see that by reclaiming their youth they go topless and learn to paddle a surf board. Also to see why she doesn’t have a lot of acting work lately watch the “panic” attack on a plane.

Denise Richards: It’s Complicated: Denise vs. Tabloids
Denise confronts the tabloids head on. Meanwhile, Denise tries her best to stop swearing.

Tabloids are too mean to me… pout…she tries her best to stop swearing b/c it take considerable mental effort to think about what you are going to say before you say it.

Denise Richards: It’s Complicated: No Jacket Required
Denise must decide whether its time to change her image or model nude again. Meanwhile, Irv gets a Hollywood makeover in preparation for a red carpet event.

Yep and the UN awaits her decision…yawn

I truly hope there is not another season of this.

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You are Not the father

I just cannot take these Maury shows… well actually I can it is such a guilty pleasure. It seems everyday he does these paternity test episodes and every single segment is exactly the same as the one before it. The woman is certain that the man she has brought to the show is the father of her child… and sometimes he is… I often wonder how these people were so intimate as on the show they are so openly hostile. I also think its good in some cases that the person is not the father because the situation looks so awful. I know some of that is probably the work of the producers on the instigating the situation, but still there is a good amount of hostility brewing under the surface… and at most the producer is only stoking the fire that already exist.

One of the segments I particuarly enjoy are the women who have come back to test additional men… there was a woman who had to be up to 15 people… I cannot imagine and so far all have come back as not that father. There has to be a limited time frame in which she became pregnant and she cannot narrow down the amount of people she had sex with. 15 people so far and none of them are a match… the you have the cases of the women who have that look of fear in their eyes. The look of maybe I got pregnant while I was blacked out. I believe some of them are sincere in that they have no idea who the father of the baby could be.

Maury is a cautionary tale of our age. Ladies please make sure you know who is fathering your children, but if you have any doubt or question Maury can help you.

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Was Jesus a Liar?

Cal Thomas has a post over on the FOX Forum titled Do They Think Jesus was a LiarThere is a lively comment thread over there as well, most of it people saying how you will burn if you do not accept Christ as your savior.  What Cal is commenting on is a recent Pew Forum survey.

I am shocked and appalled over a newly published survey by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. It finds most Americans believe there are many ways to salvation besides their own faith. Most disturbing of all is the majority of self-identified evangelical Christians who believe this.

Apparently they must think Jesus was a liar, or mistaken, when he said: “I am the way, the truth and the life; no man comes to the Father but by me.” Look it up.

What I think Cal is referring too is the gospel of John 14:6

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

The Questions was do they think Jesus was a liar and I have included myself in the they, and considering I don’t think Jesus “said” anything…. makes this difficult. The reference is in relation to what Jesus reportedly said… we have no idea of what Jesus may or may not of actually said since he left no actual writings behind. Technically at best what we have here is a case of hearsay… which would not even be allowed in court room testimony… so who was John and are we certain he was in the presence of Jesus when he supposedly said he is the only way to salvation, or in his presence for any of the quotes attributed to Jesus? No one knows really… and we are just supposed to take his word for it, based on faith alone? Also consider the issue that the gospel was written anytime between 30 -110 years after Jesus died.

This like most things with religion seems all to silly to me and just shows how divisive religion can be, b/c as Cal points

If there are many paths to heaven, Jesus suffered and died for nothing. He could have stayed in heaven, sent down a book of sayings and avoided crucifixion. Orthodox Christians have always believed – and their Bible teaches them — there is only one path to heaven and it is through Jesus Christ and him alone. One can believe whatever one wishes, but you can’t be considered a Christian without believing in this fundamental doctrine.

Its my way or the highway that is the true center of religion, it is all about we are right you’re wrong our book is really true yours is not. It’s about group think and conformity, which is increasingly challenged in our current multicultural society, no religion has any true special claim to truth or authority. When it comes right down to it there is no way to tell if it was just made up or not, except in the cases where it is demonstrably false.

So before we can determine if Jesus was or is a liar we need to determine a few other things.

  • Was Jesus even a real person?
  • What did he actually say? (Remember Jesus wrote nothing, there is nothing directly from him)
  • Did the new testament writers ever meet him?
  • Why is the bible more accurate than a Koran or any other religious text claim to authority and salvation?
  • Has anyone ever been to Heaven?
  • Is there life after death?
  • Why do the supposedly good people in heaven happily go along with the suffering and damnation of billions of people in hell?

The only real certainty is death and I understand people fear it and you should because since there is no evidence to the contrary it is likely the end of everything you know… but then you wouldn’t really know that you would, you would just be dead. Enjoy life while you can.

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