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The End of Time Part II and Long Death of the 10th Doctor

************* SPOILERS BELOW***************


This final episode of Doctor Who with the 10th Doctor feels more like 2 stories, the first 45 minutes being the conclusion of the end of time, and the last half hour being the long death of the 10th doctor. We’ve known this episode was coming for a long time, the expectation level was set supremely high, and to be honest it did not meet the expectation, however I have doubts that the expectation could have ever been met since I never really knew what my expectation was. I had re-watched all the regenerations of the previous Doctors over the course of this past year so there was just enormous build up to the final episodes of the 10th Doctor. 

The End of Time:  This seems RTD’s attempt to wrap up as many loose threads as possible. The Big focus is the time war, and what happened to the Time Lords and Gallifrey? The episode opens on Gallifrey the Citadel of the Time Lords smoldering in ruins, with smashed Dalek ships strewn about. The last day of the Time Lords. There is a lot play with prophecy, destiny, and coincidence.  The Time Lords we see here are not the Time Lords we have known, they are very different, I guess we did know that since they did decide to interfere and engage in the war with the Daleks. However they have become like the Daleks, they become the biggest threat to the Universe. In fact the plan to end time is very similar to Davros plan to wipe out reality in Journey’s End.  What happened to you Time Lords? War is brutal and must be even more so across all of time. I find this in one sense disconcerting, I do like that he did answer these questions and give us the insight in to what the Doctor has had to deal with and come to terms with, but to make the Time Lords in to the Big Bad…wow. The Doctor is clearly the one who has condemned his whole people for greater good. It basically comes down to the Doctor possibly having too much power as he is faced with multiple life and death moral dilemmas including ones on the scale of civilizations; The Master or the Human Race, The Master or Time Lords, Himself or Wilford… etc…life and death choices all of them. 

There is also this acknowledgement of the Doctor’s darker side, he may not use a gun, but he is clever, and manipulates people. This harkens back to the 7th Doctor when we began to see the longer perspective on events and people the Doctor has (Curse of Fenric). Then he hears the Time Lords are returning and grabs the gun, I guess there can be a direct approach with the Doctor too. I was reminded of the episode the Doctor’s Daughter where he teaches her that there is always a choice. 

I do think the Master was used a little too much as a plot device in the end, for a character who has such a long and rich history on the show, see again I am not going to pretend to know what to have done with the Master, only that it left me wanting. 

I did consider posting my rant about all the things I didn’t care for like the Star Wars, SG-1, and whatever bits from other sci-fi, but it’s all nonsense.  The only two real issues with this episode I have are: WHO IS THIS WOMAN? 

Who is she?

Clearly she is a Time Lady; Romanadvoratrelundar, Susan Foreman, the Doctor’s mother, who? Also there were two votes against not proceeding with Time Lords return, who is the other person? How was this Time Lady able to appear to Wilford, when it took 6 Billion copies of Master to make contact? This Time Lady appeared on TV’s and in person, the master had to be manipulated as a Time Lord his whole life to make contact, yet she appears to Wilford without much problem? That is all just left hanging out there in the end, and the question even gets asked!  It one of those things I have a feeling will just never be explained, unless Steven Moffatt asked for it to be included otherwise I fear it will be like the #’s on Lost

The other issue is the Doctor’s fall from the space craft, through the dome on to the stone floor and he gets up! The 4th Doctor fell from the radio tower on to the grass and that triggered the regeneration in to the 5th Doctor. The 10th Doctor seems considerably more durable considering he is 150 years older than he was at the end of the 4th Doctors time. 

From the end of time, we enter the Long Death of the 10th Doctor, In this two part event we have been witness to multiple one on one conversations between two old men, Wilford and Doctor and I enjoy juxtaposition of these two Characters and again playing with the prophecy & destiny are fulfilled or coincidence occurs, as the Doctor sacrifices himself to spare Wilford’s life and he goes on his farewell reward tour… My only real comment here is Martha quit Unit and married Mickey Smith really? Um ok well moving on…. It was a tough regeneration for how drawn out it was, the Doctor fighting the regeneration. I did feel for the character as I liked this 10th Doctor and didn’t want him to go either but such is the way of the show. 

I will hold judgment of Matt Smith as the new Doctor until he has a proper story of his own. 

To Sum up – Over all I liked it, but it sits uneasy and… 




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The End of Time Part 1


The time of the 10th Doctor is drawing to a close and his old Nemesis the Master is back, but is that all or is there something more at play here? the time has come for the 2 Part finale which not only see’s David Tennant’s time as the Doctor come to an end but also Russel T Davies as writer and producer who brought Doctor Who back to TV in 2005. These episodes promise to be an exciting end to this chapter of long running British Sci-fi series. Here is a clip from part one:

Part 1 does not disappoint it is 60 minutes of a bigger than life Doctor Who action that we have come to expect from RTD. The folks over at the Gallifreyan Embassy have a saying “in Russel we trust” and with good cause, b/c the man can tell a story and whale of a tale it is.

The Master returns having cheated death once again and he is mad as ever! The drums the never ending drums in his mind are real. We also get insights in to the Doctor’s mind and childhood, the story establishes that the Master and the Doctor were childhood friends and that they use to play together. Their is history does go back a very long way.

We also see the return of Donna Noble not as a companion as she can never remember her past for fear of destroying her mind, but her family is part of the story the Doctor is aided  by Her grandfather Wilfred Mott, who like Donna is an ordinary person who has a huge part to play in the unfolding of the events around the Doctor, There is a scene between the Doctor and Wilfred in the coffee shop where we get insight in to the Doctor’s mind, his fear of death and how regeneration even feels like death to him, as that specific incarnation is gone forever. Great Stuff here!

There is another element to this story atypical for Doctor Who, there is a narrator voiced by Timothy Dalton that provides some exposition on the story and the events we are witnessing. It is not until the end that we see this  narrator and realize who or what he is. He is delivering a speech and as the camera pulls away, we see he is not just a Man but a Time Lord holding the staff of Rassilion! He is addressing the Time Lords and they are coming BACK!!!

I for one cannot wait for next week exciting 75 minute conclusion to this story, the Time Lords are coming back, what does this mean for the Doctor, for Galifrey, for the Universe, for next season!

I really enjoyed this story and feel it is building to something in the Russel T Davis style that will leave the Doctor Who fans eager and Ready for the 11 Doctor and adventures Steven Moffat will take us all on.

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Disturbed by Palin in the Debate

What is with the winking? She keeps winking at the camera is she trying to imply that she is up to something? Would she be winking while sitting at the table across from Putin… he might make a pass at her or maybe he would challenger her to a duel… I don’t know how winking is interpreted in the Russian culture. I don’t think its normal to be winking in to the camera during a debate. 

What about making her eyes go wide is that her trying to stress a point she was making or is she working on her Jedi mind tricks?

The half smile, she goes for the coy half smile, like when a child is lying to you but is also being cutesy to cover it up… what is she hiding in that half smile…what is she not telling us? Maybe nothing, maybe something…

I can live with the folksy speak… hey if that the way you talk in Alaska OK… just make sure when you sit down with other people they are not distracted by the fact you choose not to pronounce the letter “g” at the end of words.

She will “tolerate” same sex couples… is that what gay people are really looking for toleration? you tolerate going to the dentist, you tolerate sitting through an awful chick flick b/c you want your girl friend to be happy. You tolerate your grand parents off color comments b/c they came from a different generation… but do you tolerate supporting equal rights for all people regardless of race, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or whatever other nonsense people can come up with divide ourselves from each other? No, You support and be all for all people being treated the same, we are all human, everyone is your brother and sister.

VP power grab; she admitted to wanting to expand the power of the VP… scary stuff… it not enough to be the #2 in government nope you need to even expand your power in to the legislature.

These are only the ones I can rattle off the top of my head feel free to share yours.

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HBK v. Jericho Unsanctioned Match

Tonight the contracts are signed, HBK and Jericho will get it on in an Unsanctioned match at Unforgiven next Sunday!

Despite Shawn Michaels’ doctor’s suggestion to hang up his boots due to injury, HBK extended a challenge to Chris Jericho for an Unsanctioned Match at Unforgiven, where neither Jericho nor WWE would be liable if Michaels were to sustain further injury

Is this really an unsanctioned match? I mean come on both wrestlers are WWE employees, match will be held in a WWE ring, its billed as a main event for the WWE UNFORGIVEN PPV. It would seem the WWE fully supports this match, I would dare say they sanction it. This match would more correctly be billed as we’re not responsible match, or very likely a man will nearly die match… but whatever it will be, if its on WWE TV its sanctioned.

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Sarah Palin’s 17 yr old Daughter Pregnant News Released as Hurricane Pounds Gulf Coast

News broke today that Sarah Palin the Republican Nominee for Vice President 17 year old Daughter Bristol is 5 months pregnant, she is to wed the baby’s father at time still to be determined in the future.

There are a couple interesting things in this story, one is that they are releasing this information to correct a rumor. That rumor was that Sarah Palin’s youngest child (the one with Down Syndrome) is actually Bristol’s (17 yr old Daughter) and Sarah Palin faked the pregnancy. This is not true according to the Palin Family, and I would accept them at their word on that.

There is another interesting aspect to this story.

Republican presidential candidate McCain was aware of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy before he chose her mother for his running mate, the aide said.

“Senator McCain knew this and felt in no way did it disqualify her from being vice president,” said the aide. “Families have difficulties sometimes, and lucky for her she has a supportive family.”

They have known about this pregnancy and choose to release the information as Hurricane Gustav is pounding the gulf coast. Fox news was the first to break this story at approximately noon today, followed by the other news outlets.

Is it a coincidence this information is released at the same time a massive hurricane dominates all news? We certainly can consider that it’s just a coincidence, but it’s just not sitting well with me that the campaign knew this information and choose today during the height of the storm to release the information. It just smells of an attempt to bury the headline. On this one I think I have to call shenanigans on the McCain Campaign.

Your thoughts?

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Denise Richards its NOT complicated

Have you seen this latest awful celeb reality show Denise Richards its complicated, here the news flash its not complicated. This is an attempt on the part of Denise Richards to set the record straight on who she is and what its like to be her. Now if her attempt is to portray herself as a whinny victim of nothing then she has been a great success.  The show follows her through her daily life where she seems to be mostly overwhelmed by too much free time. She whines about being a single mom and how hard life with her kids is in a McMansion.

In a recent episode she complains about having the paparazzi following her and group of friends on vacation, she complains about this invasion of privacy as she has her own camera crew following her around! The show is a mess and she comes off terribly unbalanced she cries, she carries on, she is basically a mess. This woman needs to be told no at some point, everyone needs to be told no and some point and I think when people told her no she was still hot enough the put up with her… but the bloom is off the rose. She is so much of a mess that her dad had to move back in with her to help her manage all her free time and help out with kids. That I understand Dad’s do what they have to do.

The title of the show is its complicated, not to the viewer its not complicated it just awful and vain, many single mothers would love to have Denise’s complications. She should go see how complicated it is for a single mother of two making minimum wage or less, now that gets complicated. They don’t get breaks in Hawaii and to fret over being 15 lbs heavier from when they were 22 and they certainly don’t get to spend hours a day with their children, they have to actually work every day to make meager ends meet. I do not believe by any means Charlie Sheen is a saint but nor is Denise Richards a victim, spoiled brat yeah sure at least that is how she comes off on her show. Any complication there is, its likely of her own making.

Here is what the show should have been titled Denise Richards remember her from 10 years ago, now with more awfulness.

Just look at some of the upcoming episode tags

Denise Richards: It’s Complicated: Bikini Shape
Denise must get in bikini shape for her trip to Hawaii. Meanwhile, Denise’s pets get obedience training.

She has to get in Bikini shape clearly right up with rocket science in complication, how will she manage to do this with nothing but free time and running after kids

Denise Richards: It’s Complicated: Hawaii – Searching for Youth
Denise and her girlfriends head to Hawaii in an attempt to reclaim their youth. Meanwhile, Denise tries to overcome her fear of flying.

Reclaim their youth from what, watch 5 minutes and besides wanting to bill her for the 5 minutes of your time you will see that by reclaiming their youth they go topless and learn to paddle a surf board. Also to see why she doesn’t have a lot of acting work lately watch the “panic” attack on a plane.

Denise Richards: It’s Complicated: Denise vs. Tabloids
Denise confronts the tabloids head on. Meanwhile, Denise tries her best to stop swearing.

Tabloids are too mean to me… pout…she tries her best to stop swearing b/c it take considerable mental effort to think about what you are going to say before you say it.

Denise Richards: It’s Complicated: No Jacket Required
Denise must decide whether its time to change her image or model nude again. Meanwhile, Irv gets a Hollywood makeover in preparation for a red carpet event.

Yep and the UN awaits her decision…yawn

I truly hope there is not another season of this.

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You are Not the father

I just cannot take these Maury shows… well actually I can it is such a guilty pleasure. It seems everyday he does these paternity test episodes and every single segment is exactly the same as the one before it. The woman is certain that the man she has brought to the show is the father of her child… and sometimes he is… I often wonder how these people were so intimate as on the show they are so openly hostile. I also think its good in some cases that the person is not the father because the situation looks so awful. I know some of that is probably the work of the producers on the instigating the situation, but still there is a good amount of hostility brewing under the surface… and at most the producer is only stoking the fire that already exist.

One of the segments I particuarly enjoy are the women who have come back to test additional men… there was a woman who had to be up to 15 people… I cannot imagine and so far all have come back as not that father. There has to be a limited time frame in which she became pregnant and she cannot narrow down the amount of people she had sex with. 15 people so far and none of them are a match… the you have the cases of the women who have that look of fear in their eyes. The look of maybe I got pregnant while I was blacked out. I believe some of them are sincere in that they have no idea who the father of the baby could be.

Maury is a cautionary tale of our age. Ladies please make sure you know who is fathering your children, but if you have any doubt or question Maury can help you.

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Buffy the Philosophy Slayer

I freely and happily admit that during its seven year run I was an avid Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. I found the show well written and a great example of an escapist fantasy television show, where the characters and stories were developed and engrossing enough to suspend disbelief in things like vampires and magic, which are central elements to the show. The show however was more than that it was also about philosophy of our times to such an extent that there is an academic conference being held this week in Little Rock AR.

“It has staying power,” Durand said. “It’s like I tell my students in philosophy a lot of times: We’re not so much about necessarily finding all the answers as wanting to ask better questions. `Buffy,’ I think, does that. `Buffy’ never really leaves you with nice, pat answers. You have even more questions than when you started.”

Durand said more than 90 academic papers will be discussed at the conference. He expects about 150 people to attend and discuss the vampire slayer and Whedon’sother works, including the television series “Firefly” and “Angel.” Another point of discussion will be a lesser-known part of Whedon’swork — his screenplay for the hit animated film “Toy Story.”

Among the papers: “Buffy and Feminism,” “Buffy and Identity,”

The show certainly asks a lot of questions through its coming of age characters in a difficult world, I relate to this in the sense that I came of age along with the show and it was and is certainly apart of the zeitgeist of the times we live in. I recall back in 2004 I picked up a Buffy Philosophy Book Fear and Trembling in Sunnydale it was a fun read that covered a diverse set of philosophical topics and I recommendit to any fan of the show or philosophy and can easily see how this academic courses have arisen out of a pop-culture phenomenon.
This show I think still holds up and continues to be one of my favorites and I am happy to see that its impact continues to live on.

In to every generation a Slayer is born …. 🙂

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The Real World recomendation

I sit and in the back ground the Real World plays… this is has to be a kin to having dental surgery. It just painful and hard not to watch… I guess you wouldn’t watch dental surgery, but you will watch former adolescents engage in hormonal conflicts fueled by rock-fuel booze.  Well as interesting as this as this show isn’t it does do something it elicits a reaction from me which is mostly contempt. The worse part is the contempt which is potent is for these people as they are portrayed on the show… it is such a narrow glimpse in to who these people really are… however the show elicits a response.

Here is my recommendation for the real world make the show a hybrid with survivor man, drop these 7 strangers in the middle of the forest the actual real (natural) world and the survivor then gets to win a stuffed bear or some nonsense… they are on TV it what they wanted in the first place!

Gotta go commercial are over


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