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Stumbling to find a light switch in the dark

Quote: Abraham Lincoln

My father taught me to work; he did not teach me to love it.
A. Lincoln

The Monday after the holidays is often a tough time to return to the job and get back in to the daily motion of it all.


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Working Man

It feels good to be a working man again, now having been through my first week on the Job and started the second it is a good feeling to be up and out and about during the day. working on projects and getting things done once more. This has caused a drop off in my blogging at a critical time with so much going on in weather, science, and oh yeah the election. I do need to set aside some time and get back to the basic on my blog which begins with reading more and posting my thoughts on it.  For now though to be working and distracted is a good thing. It makes me appreciate why I started blogging and how much I enjoy m reading and the time I had this summer to enjoy to myself.

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The Job Quest Ends

I have previously written about how I had been laid off and my quest to find new employment. That quest has now ended I have accepted a Job offer and I am very excited for multiple reasons,  I had a very relaxing summer and really enjoyed not having to do anything but enjoy any day as I saw fit. My summer also doesn’t end as I will not start my new position until after labor day! This is just great news! I could not be more happy to know I have a job again and I will be back in the work force soon enough but now I can even more enjoy my final few weeks of summer relaxing and enjoying what time I have left knowing I have a job.

I am also excited to join my new office, I met with the president of a company and one of Project Managers I would be working with and I found the interview conversation very easy as folks I could get along with and have a soild working relationship. I look forward to starting in this new office meeting all the new people and the challenges a new job will bring.

There are a couple things I do hope to carry forward from my time off… less worrying about anything… I am or should I say was prone to be a bit of a worry wort about work, no more! I spent this summer not worrying that I have no job I just got my resume out there worked at it day after day and then sooner than I could have expected boom I have another job and I am back in the game. However I made time to do what I wanted as well if was sit in the park and read, play a video game, go for a walk, a mid afternoon movie, lunch with friends… it just been great! I am also very fortunate I have the support of my wonderful and lovely beautiful girlfriend as well as the total support of my family and friends in general it has just been super.

Cheers to the remaining days of summer!

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